5 Beauty Experts Reveal the Skincare Hacks They Swear By

From de-puffing with a cube of ice to slathering sunscreen 365-days-a-year, India's renowned skincare experts spill their sworn-by beauty secrets. 

Indulging in luxe facials, purchasing top-of-the-line products, and investing in pricey tools may be worth your while, no doubt. But, most of the time, following good skin habits are just enough for a clear, radiant appearance. And, with the skin minimalism movement gaining steam, umpteen celebrities and beauty enthusiasts make a strong case for minimum-step regimes and trusted tricks for a lit-from-within glow.

In keeping with this paradigm shift in the world of beauty, Cosmo reached out to some of India's well-known dermatologists and skincare experts who reveal the beauty hacks they swear by. From applying products on damp skin to maximise absorption to some TLC with 'cooling therapy', take note of these super easy, expert-approved tips to achieve the skin of your dreams. 



Dr Rashmi Shetty, Celebrity Dermatologist, Founder, Solskin Corp


"Cool your skin down with just a cube of ice, ice globes or a jade roller. Your skin will instantly feel calmer, de-puffed, and soothed. Any inflammation, irritation or redness will dissipate, and the pores will appear to shrink as well. Plus, makeup application will be easier with the reduced temperature of your skin. It's the easiest, most effective hack that addresses the most common skin woes."


Plabita Sharma, National Training Manager, The Body Shop India


"Rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, make it a habit to wear sunscreen 365 days in a year. While most of us carry the belief that we're exposed to UV rays solely outdoors, the truth is that we need to shield our skin when indoors as well. Regular—and reapplication—of sunscreen helps protect the skin from multiple sources of UV exposure, all of which play a major role in premature ageing of the skin. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or greater for optimal coverage. Apart from the application of this holy grail product, moisturise your skin twice a day as well. Pick a gentle cream or lotion, minus heavy fragrances. Lastly, use a pH neutral exfoliator a few times a week for smooth, supple skin."


Vasundhara Patni, Founder, Kiro Beauty


"Begin your morning by wrapping a few ice cubes in a face towel and dabbing it on the inflamed areas of the skin. And for a quick-fix for sullen, tired skin, throw on a few cucumber slices on the eyes, seeped in rose water. Applying products on damp skin improves their absorption and efficacy as well. I also prepare a 5-ingredient homemade pack for glowing skin, with some milk powder, granulated sugar, flour, rice powder, and arrowroot flour."


Vibhuti Arora, Founder, House of Beauty


"I indulge in a daily face yoga massage with a DIY ghee cream to get rid of puffiness, propel lymphatic drainage, and provide nourishment to the skin. Do this first thing in the morning, allow the skin to soak in the moisture for 30 minutes, and wash after. This practice also helps with fine line removal, delays skin ageing, and hydrates the deeper dermal layers of the skin. Apart from this, I swear by a beauty hack passed on to me by my grandmother. A concoction of hibiscus, shikakai, Indian soapberry, Indian gooseberry, and a couple more ingredients mixed in the correct proportion, fermented with egg, coconut and black seed onion oil overnight combats greying of hair."


Dr B L Jangid, Skin Expert, Bioderma


"Soak in a few cotton balls in micellar water and place it on a pimple for 5 to 10 minutes. This simple, fuss-free hack mask will help reduce breakouts caused due to 'maskne' and will and soothe sensitive skin. If you're a clay mask fanatic, remember to rinse off the residue properly post use. If not removed, the residue can dry out areas on your skin, giving way to red patches. For foolproof removal, soak a cotton pad in micellar water and remove the residue left on the surface of your skin. Apart from this, to avoid a build-up of sweat, sebum, and grime, and clogged pores, wipe your face with a micellar solution before reapplying sunscreen."