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The Finest Turmeric Soap Bars for Glowing Skin

Try out these amazing turmeric powered soaps to keep your skin troubles at bay.

Renowned for revitalising dull, tired skin and bringing out its natural glow, turmeric has been a popular remedy for skin troubles since ancient Ayurvedic times. An antimicrobial agent, it helps prevent skin infections and contains a powerful bioactive component called curcumin. This bright yellow chemical is what gives turmeric its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Turmeric should definitely feature in your skincare routine if you want to maintain blemish-free skin, or reverse signs of ageing, or improve skin’s elasticity as studies have proved turmeric to boost collagen levels as well. So, here we bring you the best turmeric-infused cleansing bars that promise to make your skin glow with health.  


For Gentle Exfoliation

Forest Essentials Sandalwood and Turmeric Luxury Sugar Soap

Made using the traditional cold-press method, this cruelty-free soap also has coconut and palm oils, potent anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory agents.


Formulated with ancient Ayurvedic knowledge, this luxurious soap contains the skin refining and healing properties of both sandalwood and turmeric. It exfoliates gently using unprocessed raw cane sugar, which is a natural humectant that helps skin retain moisture for long durations.

For Enhanced Skin Tone

Mamaearth Ubtan Nourishing Bathing Soap with Turmeric & Saffron

Purifying skin and reducing blemishes, this Ayurveda-inspired formula delivers supple skin that is naturally luminous, sans any harmful chemicals like SLS/SLES, parabens, and sulphates.


Enriched with walnut beads that offer mindfully exfoliate, this PETA-approved soap helps improve skin tone and fade away suntan. Relieving dryness, it contains saffron that reverses sun damage and signs of ageing.

For Better Moisturisation

Nat Habit Cold Processed Healing Turmeric-Oats Soap

Made using the cold process method, this formula is free from toxic chemicals and preservatives.


This cleansing bar aids in decreasing blemishes, scars, and pigmentation without stripping skin of its natural oils. Combining the moisturising benefits of honey and oats, along with coconut and soybean oils, it has added kokum butter that revitalises skin and promotes cellular growth important for maintaining its overall health.

For Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

Sage Apothecary Turmeric Handmade Soap

Made with adherence to strict apothecary guidelines with 100% natural ingredients, this soap rejuvenates and soothes skin by helping calm down skin inflammation like redness and prevent sunburn.

Sloughing away impurities from clogged pores, this handmade cleansing bar controls occurrence of breakouts. Containing wheat germ, aloe vera pulp, and almonds, it moisturises skin without making it oily.