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The Best Vegan Haircare Products by Indian Brands to Explore this Earth Day

On this World Earth Day, try out these vegan hair products that are sure to boost your overall hair and scalp health

First things first, adopting clean beauty is definitely the way to go if we truly care about sustainability and love our planet. Using products that are made using only natural, plant-based (vegan), and safe ingredients is imperative today than ever before, as preserving our planet is of utmost importance now as compared to any other time in history. Vegan beauty products are more eco-friendly, as they have a lesser carbon footprint and so are locally made products, which have been created using locally sourced ingredients and have not been shipped from countries far and wide.

The haircare industry too is now moving towards creating products that consist of only plant-based ingredients, developing improved biodegradable formulas, and refraining from using any animal-derived ingredients like milk, cysteine, shellac, wax, lanolin, and honey, which were previously popular, as a measure to conserve the natural resources and promote kindness towards animals. So, here are some of the finest vegan haircare offerings by our very own Indian beauty brands, which will help you nourish and pamper your mane efficiently without feeling guilty about burdening the planet much.  


For Preventing Breakage


St.Botanica GO Strong Hair Shampoo

Enabling weak hair to grow stronger, this shampoo works its magic both at the follicle level as well as on the entire hair structure. Formulated with scalp nourishing and stimulating bamboo, ginger, and methi extracts, this formula fortifies brittle hair to avoid breakage and split ends. Increasing hair elasticity with its special mallow extract, this cruelty-free shampoo keeps your hair supple and soft with its moisturising agents like Moroccan argan and extra virgin olive oils.


For Better Nourishment


Arata Nourishing Conditioner

Revitalising weak hair, this replenishing conditioner consists of maple, lemon, orange, sugarcane, and European blueberry extracts, that promote overall hair health and make your tresses naturally lustrous, smooth, and soft. Enriched with castor oil that provides moisturisation and regenerates hair strands, this PETA-approved formula is 100% natural and plant-based. It efficiently hydrates, detangles hair, and prevents damage, sans any toxic chemicals.



For Intense Moisturisation


Plum Olive & Macadamia Mega Moisturizing Hair Mask

This creamy mask with ultra-moisturising agents like olive oil, macadamia oil, and shea butter offers an intensive hair treatment formulated especially for fragile, dehydrated, and damaged hair that has undergone chemical treatment. It immediately softens coarse hair as it nourishes both hair and scalp, imbuing your mane with a healthy bounce and sheen. Cruelty-free, this deep conditioning mask helps detangle hair and shields it from the harsh UV sun rays.


For Complete Care


WOW Skin Science Red Onion Black Seed Hair Serum

Infused with the power of red onion seed and black seed oils, this hair serum prevents dryness and perfect for reviving dull, lifeless hair. It helps hydrate dry strands from within, avoid breakage, protect from UV damage, and keep frizz and flyaways in check. Cruelty-free, this formula contains Moroccan argan oil and watercress extract that moisturise dry locks, further boosting their natural sheen.