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DIY Body Scrubs That’ll Leave Your Skin Feeling Amazing

It’s time to raid those kitchen cabinets!

As much as we treasure our skincare products, sometimes the urge to rummage through our kitchen cabinets and whip up a homemade recipe is overwhelming. DIY treatments scream self-care and don’t we all need as much of that as we can get? Having said that, we scoured the vast web and rounded up some ingenious body scrubs that will leave your skin feeling like silk.

In this list, there is a body scrub for everyone. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or even combination skin, you will find an option. Unless you’re using these scrubs on your face (big no-no!) DIY body scrubs are the easiest way to get rid of those pesky dead skin cells and that unwanted tan. They also aid in brightening your skin.

Here's how to really instill some much-needed self-care into your routine... 


Brown Sugar+Coffee+Potato Juice+Oil

If you have combination skin and struggle with ingrowth and body acne, bookmark this exfoliating scrub. A combination of brown sugar, ground coffee, potato juice, and any oil of your choosing (olive, almond, coconut, sesame, or rose hip) works like your fairy godmother's magic wand.

Before you scrunch your face at the mention of potato juice, know that it hydrates and works on the pigmentation in your skin. To make it, all you have to do is peel a potato, grate it, and then push it through your strainer. Just a little will go a long, long way! 


Orange Peel+White Sugar+Lemon Peel Power+Almond Oil

Okay, this one is going to take you a little more time considering you have to prepare the orange peel and powder the lemon peel, but that little extra effort makes all the difference. Orange peel will hydrate the skin, work on your tan, and even aid in renewing worn-out cells. The lemon peel powder acts as a natural toner and works on the pigmentation and dark spots on your skin.

This body scrub is for that lazy Sunday when you’re in the mood for some self-pampering. It goes perfectly with a side of FRIENDS and fries!


Granulated Sugar+Tumeric Power+Almond Oil

Do you remember when your grandmother insisted you drink turmeric milk every morning? Do you remember hating every second of it? Well, by now you must’ve gauged that turmeric is the superfood of all superfoods. And we aren’t even exaggerating. Even when applied to the skin, it’s an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that helps gently brighten discoloration.

In this body scrub tutorial by Naturally Everything, she combines the powers of turmeric with granulated sugar and the very moisturizing almond oil. Your skin will thank you. 

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Pink Himalayan Salt+Coconut Oil+Peppermint Oil

The only foot scrub on this list, this is for all the times you wanted (or needed) a pedicure but were too lazy to go to a salon. Pink Himalayan Salt mixed with coconut oil and some peppermint oil will remove all the dead skin and rejuvenate those dry or cracked heels.

To see the best results, use this scrub by Our Oily House on your feet once or twice a week. You won’t feel like putting your minty-fresh feet on the ground after this DIY treatment! 


Oats+Glycerine (or Honey) +Water

If you feel like sugar or coffee is extremely harsh for your skin, try oats as an exfoliant. They are a great cleanser with anti-inflammatory properties that help in soothing the skin and removing unnecessary buildup. Glycerine, on the other hand, hydrates the skin and protects you against skin irritants. The capable alternative to Glycerine is Honey.

When you combine the two with some water, you get a scrub that cleanses, soothes, and hydrates. What more can you ask for?