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Jennifer Lopez’s middle part glam ponytail is a snatched masterpiece

Middle part > Side part...

If there's one person who could convince an entire nation that the middle part hairstyle reigns supreme, it's Jennifer Lopez. Now, let's not get it twisted; we are so here for a side sweeping 'do but today's look—courtesy of J-Lo herself—may convince you (read: millennials) otherwise...

In an Instagram post shared by celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons, Jen is wearing her hair up and in a "middle part glam pony", as Andrew himself calls it. These two artists paired together to create such a masterpiece is the very reason why they will both, forever be my muses. Artistry 101 with myself, Jen and Andrew—you're welcome.

Take a look at the snatched (to the Gods) updo below:



And when I say snatched, I really do mean that there is not a single flyaway strand in sight. So much so, that it's giving Ariana Grande ponytail vibes. I mean, perhaps this is the secret to having a good vocal range?

Oh, and can we also just take a mo' for that perfect end curl? Just perfection.

Legends aside, the middle part vs side part debate is one that has been ongoing for a few years now, and although a conclusive result is yet to be discussed, we think J-Lo's pony just spoke for itself. Controversial, much? I think not.

To finish off the beauty look, makeup artist David Velasquez worked up a subtle smoky eye and fluffy lash, topped off with a fuchsia pink lip, whilst Jen's nail artist, Tom Bachik, opted for a true yellow mani. It's giving us all the spring vibes.

When Easter rolls around and you're looking for beautyspo, you know where to find us!