20 Best Press-On Nails for 2020 and How to Apply Them

Don't have time for manicures or fancy nail-art? Well, we tell you how to use and make your press-on nails last for weeks! 

If your nails are looking a little worse for the wear and you cannot find it within you to try out a complicated nail art tutorial, we have just the hack. Enter, the press-on nails! These stick-on faux nails have emerged as the real MVP of many lockdown beauty routines. Yes, we know that they are touted as not having the best staying power especially when you are doing all your household chores while social-distancing. However, scroll down for our tricks to make sure your lockdown press-on nails last for weeks and weeks!

Start with clean and trimmed nails. Use a cuticle pusher to push back your cuticles. Then remove the excess cuticle skin with the help of a cutter. Vega Soft Touch Cuticle Trimmer & Pusher Rs 99, Nykaa.com

Now, file your nail bed so that the jagged surface allows for the press-on nails to stick better. OPI Glass Nail File Rs1,427, in.carethy.net

Lastly, use a strong glue such as this one and firmly press on the faux nail on the desired nail. Hold on for 15-30 seconds and avoid any contact with water for a few hours. Nailene Ultra Quick Nail Glue Rs 1,470, Amazon.in

FOK Nailart Kit Rs 225, Amazon.in

Colorbar Press On Manicure, 001 Ballet Rs 450, colorbarcosmetics.com

Vikson International Brown Tiger Print Nails Rs 549, Amazon.in

Bonjour Paris Quick Stick Artificial Nail Set Pack Of 4 Rs 390, Amazon.in

Miss Claire French Nails 24 - TMN08 (ECP 14) Rs 250, Nykaa.com

Aya Fashion Self-adhesive Pre Designed False Nails, Black Rs 349, Flipkart.com

Miss Claire French Nails 24 - HI 001 (ECP 02) Rs 199, Nykaa.com

Essence Click & Go Nails Rs 345, in.carethy.net

Gradient Pink Artificial Nails By Tinsley Rs 372, Shopclues.com

Vikson International 24 Pieces Matte Finish Black False Nails Rs 399, Amazon.in

Egg Yellow And White Artificial Nails By Tinsley Rs 372, Shopclues.com

One Personal Care Artificial nails with Studded Rhinestone Flakes UBB171-010 Black (Pack of 12) Rs 149, Flipkart.com

Rozia 24 Piece Artificial Nail Art Kit Rs 349, Myntra.com

Miss Claire Professional Nail Art (Metallic Pink)-24 Pieces Rs 349, Amazon.in

Golden Flowers Golden 00429 Artificial Nails By Tinsley Rs309, Shopclues.com

Cherry Red Press On Gel Nails Rs 1,300, Limeroad.com

Bonjour Paris Quick Stick Artificial Nail 12 pc Set, Dusky Pink Rs 189, Amazon.in

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