The 4 Types of Baths to Indulge In Some Self-Love

Peruse, if you will, the unique forms of this, the most important relationship of our time: a woman and her tub. #SelfCare

By Ruby Buddemeyer; Photographs: Rosaline Shahnavaz Location: The Standard, high Line, new york; Styling: Miako Katoh; Hair and Make-Up: Mary Guthrie At ABTP Agency

The Instagram Bath

The subject (presumably a Gen Z or millennial female) partakes in the four commandments of bath influencing: staged-but-not-too-staged legs, overly saturated water, curated props, and lighting that needs no filter. Diptyque Coloring Spring Limited Edition Candles in Iris, Geranium Rosa, and Mimosa, Rs. 5,600 approx each; Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash in 100% Recycled Plastic, Rs. 1,500 approx; Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash in Refillable Rainbow Glass, Rs. 2,650 approx; Bathing Culture Big Dipper Mineral Bath, Rs. 2,270 approx; Lush Bath Bombs, Rs. 700 approx; Plants (throughout) by The Sill, The Instagram Bath est. 2015 AFTER one WOMAN’S soak SPARKED A NEW AESTHETIC An art exhibit you can actually relate to.

The Many Regrets Bath

A portrait of the brave soul who attempts to wash away the evidence of a night’s worth of vodka sodas and drunk texts with de-puffing eye masks, coconut oil bath products, and a greasy breakfast sandwich. L’Occitane en Provence Lavender Foaming Bath, Rs. 2,000; Vitruvi Stone Diffuser, Rs. 9,000 approx; Vitruvi Lavender Single Origin Essential Oil, Rs. 1,360 approx; Vitruvi Nightcap Blend, Rs. 2,100 approx; Herbivore Coconut Milk Bath Soak, Rs. 2,400 approx; Patchology Moodpatch Eye Gels, Rs. 230 approx The many regrets bath est. 2017 as a hungover person awaited her Seamless order

The Adult Bath

Strategically-placed designer soaps and candles create the illusion of a mature Homo sapien, who has her life completely together (regardless of what her therapist says). Le Labo Santal 26 Candle, Rs. 5,700 appox; Nécessaire The Body Exfoliator in Sandalwood, Rs. 2,270 appox; Chanel Les Eaux de Chanel Hair and Body Shower Gel, price on request; Chanel N°5 L’Eau In-Shower Gel, price on request; Bamford Rose Bath Oil, Rs. 5,680 appox; Boy Smells Candle, Rs. 2,400 appox The ADULT bath est. 2012 after a woman paid off her credit- card bill and deleted her ex’s number

The Too Broke For a Spa Bath

Our muse dangles her feet over the tub as she prepares for an hour of vigorous DIY masking and exfoliating. Later, she will insist it felt better than any professional treatment could. Playa Healing Hair Masque, Rs. 2,900 approx; Playa California Salt Shampoo, Rs. 2,880 approx; Fresh Sake Bath, Rs. 6,060 approx; Hellen Bath Brews, Rs. 4,900-Rs. 6,400 approx; Mount Lai The De-Puffing Facial Roller, Rs. 3,300; Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Mask With Rose Clay, Rs. 2,100 approx; Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, Rs. 1,700 approx; Elemis Body Detox Skin Brush,, Rs. 3,400 approx Self-care is the millennial’s main hobby. The Too-Broke-For-A-Spa Bath EST. 2018 when the last groupon was used