Want to Avoid Botox and Fillers? Try These 5 Non-Invasive Beauty Procedures at Home!

Vibhuti Arora, founder of House of Beauty shares 5 must-try alternatives to invasive beauty procedures, for firmer, tighter, youthful skin.

Face yoga and face tooling are an effective alternative to invasive beauty treatments such as botox and fillers. Face yoga by House of Beauty aims at training the facial muscles in order to gain complete muscle control. In such a case, one can minimise the appearance of creases, fine lines and crows feet every time we smile, as well as brow lines every time we raise our eyebrows! In short, face yoga works to help relax these over-used muscles that in turn leave us with ageing beauty woes. Besides face yoga, one may also lean towards DIY face tools that can help you sustain a youthful glow!

Pro-Face Lifting or Micro-Currenting

Our face has multiple small muscles that further consist of muscle fibres. As we age, our muscles become weak and the facial skin begins to sag. The million nerve endings and fibres cause accelerated ageing! To prevent this process from taking place prematurely, micro-currenting helps stimulate the muscle endings and improves blood circulation, which in-turn helps in toning and plumping of the skin. This pro-face lifting device gives an electrical stimulation to the facial muscles, to strengthen them in less than 15 minutes, right from home!

Ice Globes or Ice Rollers (Cryo Facial at Home)

A facial massage with the ice globes tool is a relaxing and cooling experience that stimulates better blood circulation and oxygenation to the skin. Besides, it also helps shrink pores, heal, and renew skin. The Ice Globe facial massager will work most effectively with serums and oils, allowing the key ingredients to absorb deep into your facial tissue, with the ergonomic design. Its basically a cryo facial at home! Regular use of the lifting massager also helps alleviate fine lines and tightens the skin while brightening, de-puffing and restoring the natural bounce.

Vibrating Face Lifting Massager or 24K Face Massager

The 24k face massager vibrates 6,000 times a minute (micro vibration), which provides your facial muscles with the right amount of stimulation in order to give it a firming effect. It can also reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, lips, forehead and neck. Usage 2-3 minutes per day can reveal your natural youthful look! The current which exists inside the body may be affected by pressure and the process of ageing, which is the main reason for spots and loose skin. Since the wavelength of gold ions and the natural current inside the body is the same, this tool can help regulate and balance the bio-electricity, thus promoting metabolism and activating your skin cells.

Face Cupping

Facial cupping is an excellent non-invasive beauty procedure for face-lifting, rejuvenated, and firmer looking skin. It is an absolutely safe-to-perform procedure since it does not involve the use of any chemicals or potentially harmful and painful processes. Post use, you will notice a visible improvement in skin texture, reduced fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps increase collagen production, improves facial contours and elasticity. Besides, it reduces puffiness by eliminating waste fluid and activates the lymphatic system. Made of medical grade silicone material, the tool is non-toxic and odourless too!

High Frequency Wand Facial

The 'high frequency' wand facial is performed as an alternative beauty treatment at many dermatological clinics. It works wonders when it comes to treating skin conditions including severe acne, cystic acne, enlarged pores, acne pits, to boost oxygen into the skin, for lymphatic drainage, and to calm inflammation. The high frequency treatment kills the bacteria directly beneath the skin, while also providing a natural boost of cellular energy to reduce inflammation. Besides, it also works as an anti-ageing procedure and reduces appearance of wrinkles.