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Looking For a Cool Girl Hairstyle? Try Scandi Waves

  It's effortless, chic, and everything you need to try this season!

The “S” shaped waves have been trending for a while on reels for how easy they are to wear and look good on pretty much everyone. An upgraded version of the 90s crimped hair, from Kim Kardashian to Ananya Panday, our favourite celebrities have been rocking the Scandi waves, embracing a cool bohemian aesthetic. Inspired by the mermaid locks, the new age noughties hairstyle can be your go-to for a lazy brunch date or a chilled-out date night. A quick way to style it? Try pleating your hair overnight. Consider thin strands for those gorgeous Zendaya-like curly locks and thick strands for the y2k feel. Don't forget to add volume to your tresses, use hairspray, leave-in conditioners, or serums for a glossy finish, a bit of scrunching, and you are ready to sway this style. Ahead, all the Scandi wave style inspo you need!