This is the Contouring Trick Ariana Grande Uses to Achieve Her Snatched Button Nose

It's so easy!

By Lia Mappoura
14 August, 2022
This is the Contouring Trick Ariana Grande Uses to Achieve Her Snatched Button Nose

To put it quite simply, contouring can be difficult. Whether it's the stamping method, a hack for round faces or the one-layer trick, makeup, not to mention the many tips that come with it, the whole technique can be overwhelming. Personally, I blame TikTok – it's a blessing and a curse.

However, no need to fret because if you are looking for a *very* simple way of contouring your nose, then you have come to the right place. Thanks to Ariana Grande's latest Instagram post, we've learnt the very method that she uses to achieve a snatched nose contour.

But before I continue, you may be asking 'why do people contour their nose?'. Well, when applying a full coverage foundation or concealer all over the face, you will achieve an even complexion and therefore, depth and dimension will ultimately be lost. Amongst other personal makeup preferences, this may be a reason to go back in with a contour shade and define, emphasise and sculpt out your unique face shape and bone structure.

For this, Ari takes a cool-toned contour shade (think: the colour of a natural shadow) on not only the sides of her nose but across it horizontally. See below:


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If you, too, want to make like Ariana, then all you have to do is apply your contour across the bridge of your nose and just before the tip. This will result in a snatched look without endless buffing and blending.

And not only are we excited to learn about Ari's contouring tricks but we're also so here for the news she shares. "I'm so excited to announce that r.e.m. beauty is launching in the UK exclusively at Selfridges on August 8th. It's the first time we're landing in any international stores, so please, please come and see us," Ariana says.

What a win-win! BRB, gotta plan my next trip to Selfridges whilst also mastering the button nose hack...

Credit: Cosmopolitan