The Beauty Rules We Wish We'd Known When We Were Younger...

Ever wanted to revisit your teen self and share your current beauty wisdom? Here 5 women write themselves a letter, from present to past.

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    Dear Dimpy,

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    Dear Samantha,

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    Dear Geeta,

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    Dear Navya,

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    Dear Sonita,


  • Don't hate your mousy brown hair. You're going to grow up to be a platinum blonde. And then you'll find that your hair absorbs colour easily and doesn't need to be bleached each time to get the shade. Also, please lay off plucking your eyebrows. You hardly have any and they'll never grow back. Finally, ditch that brown Personi matte lipstick. It's hideous, and red lipstick is your real best friend. Very soon, you'll find your dream red in Chanel No.19 Gabrielle.

    Love Dimpy

  • That acne you're struggling with is completely normal. Even if you are Blossom Kochhar's daughter, you will have acne! It's just a hormonal phase you're going through—and you're not alone. The bumps will come and go—please don't hide under a fringe or cover up your skin with loads of make-up. In fact, your mom is right—stay away from make-up and keep your skin as clean as possible. I know you're feeling conscious right now, but I promise this phase is temporary. Be confident—it will help you get over those zits that are bothering you right now.

    Love Samantha

  • What did you have in mind when you chopped off your long hair? Did you think it was cool? Yes, I remember you said this was your tribute to the late Princess Diana. It's great that you had such a strong 'social' instinct, but sadly you don't have her long swan-like neck to carry off this style, or the talented celebrity hair stylist Sam McKnight, who actually created this look, to help you. I am not dissing short hair, but when I look back, all I can see is a head of hair and teeth. Eek—it's forming ear muffs too! Oh, Geeta, there is a difference between a hair-chop and a hairstyle. Here's a tip—when you get a haircut (even if it is a chop) work the style; don't hide it or kill it. A hairpin would have done perfectly as a hair slide on long, straight hair—which you had, until your delusional self intervened. Sorry for the rant. The good thing is that it is just hair, which has the wonderful knack of growing back...if only you would let it!

    Love Geeta

  • This is embarrassing. What exactly were you thinking when you decided that blue tic-tac clips were a good look for your hair? And why would you clip back your layers? The whole logic of layers is to give your hair volume. Just free them from those clips and stop complaining about how greasy your hair gets. If I could pay you a visit, I'd bring loads of dry shampoo, and fix all your oily scalp problems.

    Love Navya

    R.I.P blue tic-tacs

  • The fact that you have wavy hair is a blessing in disguise. The frizz may drive you crazy now, but continue to resist the urge to use chemicals to straighten it. In the years to come, you'll see that friends with dead-straight hair are craving curls and volume, and those with tight curls can never quite have slick, straight hair. Whereas you will be grateful that you are able to curl as well as straighten your hair, and everything in between. Use shampoos and conditioners that provide high levels of moisture, so your hair is never dry, and make a good serum your new best friend. Also, please don't forget to go for regular haircuts!

    Love Sonita