8 Skin and Hair Concerns You Can Overcome With an Inexpensive Vitamin E Capsule

Not all solutions require breaking a bank!




1. Fights Wrinkles

The sticky vitamin oil has the power to slow down the ageing process. It provides intense moisture to the skin and works on repairing damaged tissues.

2. Fades scars and evens the skin tone

Vitamin E is an antioxidant which acts as a catalyst to fire-up the healing process of the skin. When applied onto the scars directly, vitamin E boosts the production of collagen which results in faster healing. With the repair of the scarred tissue, the oil also lightens its appearance.

3. Fights hyperpigmentation

When the deposit of melanin increases in a certain part of the skin, that area looks darker than the rest of the skin. Vitamin E also helps in getting rid of hyperpigmentation by lightening it.

4. Softens dry hands and finger nails

The nourishing oil can be really helpful to get soft and supple hands. Packed with healing qualities, the oil can even make the hands look younger with regular usage. Puncture a capsule and apply the oil directly on dry cuticles for quick relief. Also, the nail bed will get stronger and not chip off easily.

5. Heals chapped lips as well as chapped heels

Whether the skin is as thick as the heels or as thin as lips, vitamin E works really well on both. For cracked heels apply oil liberally and wear socks before bedtime. The results will be amazingly soft. Also, it is known to lighten the lip pigmentation as well.

6. Fights sun damage

The sunscreen that contains vitamin E pumps collagen and introduces healthy new cells which increases the speed of healing process.

7. Repairs damaged hair follicles and stimulates hair growth

The pollution leaves our follicles prone to damage which results in hair fall or volume loss. Both the heartbreaking situations can be solved with vitamin E. Mix the vitamin with coconut oil and apply regularly.

8. Dry scalp and dandruff

The sticky vitamin E oil provides deep nourishment to the scalp leaving it hydrated. It also penetrates into the skin to lock-in the moisture.