Makeup Colour Correcting 101

back to basics!

​Colour correcting may sound complicated, but it's actually very simple. The basic idea is understanding the colour wheel: Two colors directly across from one another cancel each other out. As an example, if you look at orange on a color wheel, you will see it is directly opposite of blue, which means an orange corrector neutralizes blue. Let's review each color and how they work on the face!

Green neutralizes red. If you want to cover up acne or blemishes, apply a thin layer of a green corrector to the area before applying your foundation.

Orange neutralizes blue. Dark circles under the eyes can easily be covered by applying an orange corrector before your concealer.

Peach/Salmon neutralizes blue/purple. Peach correctors are a mixture of all the warm colours on the colour wheel which is directly opposite from the cool colours. Applying a peach corrector will help cancel out blue/purple under tones which are ideal for the under eye area.

Purple neutralizes yellow. Applying a purple primer before your makeup will help brighten dull, yellow skin.

Yellow neutralizes purple. If you see visible veins on any part of your face, apply a thin layer of a yellow corrector before your foundation and you will see an instant difference!

See?! Not so bad! With a little bit of practice, you will be the master corrector in no time!