3 Products That Will Make Your Makeup Last All Day

No more slip and slide!




Do you spend hours doing your makeup only to find it creasing and fading away after minutes of application?! Ugh! The struggle of making makeup last all day is real! Lucky for you, we have narrowed down our top 3 products that will prep, prime and lock in any makeup you put on top! Read on to find out which products made the cut to long lasting, fresh makeup! 

1) Face Primer
Face primers are super important to ensuring your makeup lasts all day as they help to create a smooth canvas for makeup application. Primers help smooth the skin, seals pores and decreases sweating from the pores which makes your makeup last longer!
 Suggested: Benefit POREfessional, INR 2,230

2) Eye shadow primer 
The reason why eyeshadow creases so easily is because eyelids are naturally more oily than the rest of the face. To avoid eyeshadow creasing, use an eyeshadow primer! Eyeshadow primers control oil buildup, evens out eyelid discolouration and help to intensify eyeshadow shade.  
Suggested: Urban Decay primer potion, INR 1,100

3) Setting spray
Makeup setting sprays are used to 'lock in' any makeup applied onto the skin. Setting sprays sets makeup to ensure nothing moves, cracks, melts, breaks...you get the idea! 
Suggested: Model in a Bottle, INR Approx 2,116