7 Easy Hairstyle Hacks for Lazy Girls

These you can actually recreate!




Don't care to spend too much time on your hair but still want to look fab?! These easy hairstyle hacks will get your hair looking gorgeous with minimal effort! #hairgoalsmadesimple

1) Twisted Crown
Take two pieces of hair from the front, twist and pin!

Full Tutorial here

2) Simple Chignon
Pony, twist and tuck!

Full tutorial here

3) Double dutch braid bun
Braid, bun and mess it up! 

Full tutorial here

4) Chic, Messy Bun
Pony, tease and bun!

Full tutorial here

5) The perfect ponytail
Curl, part, pin and pony! 

Full tutorial here

6) Easy Side Braid
Twist, braid and fluff! 

Full tutorial here

7) Side braided pony

Braid and add to pony!

Full tutorial here