8 Beauty Hacks We Learned From Huda Kattan

Easy and fun tips and tricks!




​With over 13.5 million... yes, you read that right, 13.5 M-I-L-L-I-O-N followers on Instagram, Huda Kattan is our go-to gal for all things beauty! She is the first to try out the hottest beauty products, is always up to date with the newest trends and constantly comes up with the coolest beauty hacks! From non-touring (yes, it's a thing!) to properly shaving your face, Huda has the best tricks to make your makeup application easy, efficient and oh-so fun! Here are 8 of of our most favourite beauty hacks by Huda that you are sure to love! 

1) Contouring with a rulerOk, this just sounds crazy but there is a method to the madness! According to Huda, contouring with a ruler ensures you get the most asymmetrical makeup application. 

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2) How to properly shave your faceHuda shows us to properly shave your face and get rid of the peach fuzz in no time. Quick warning: Don't use your boyfriends razor for this trick! 

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3) How to get fuller lipsIf you can contour your face, why not contour your lips?! This is Huda's go-to trick to get fuller lips without the injections. 

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4) The importance of browsIf you want to learn how to properly fill in your brows, check out Huda's detailed brow tutorial for many easy tips and tricks! 

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5) Non-touringContouring, who?! According to Huda, it is all about the non-touring, which is a very subtle way to shape your face. This is the perfect for those who want to look natural but still want a little bit of glam! 

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6) How to make your boobs look biggerWhy bother going under the knife for a bigger cleavage when you can achieve the same effect with makeup? Check out how Huda beauty fakes a boob job with a handful of beauty products! #YASSS

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7) Cotton ball lash extensionsHuda shares the most unique and fun way to get lash extensions at home using cotton balls! It is quite impressive how well this actually works! 

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8) Tape contouringTo get the sharpest contour of your life, Huda's tape contour is the way to go! 

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