Watch This Youtuber Breakdown How to Apply Falsies Into Super Simple Steps

This step by step tutorial will ensure you put your falsies glam on, with ease! 

If you're a mascara person, you know what a godsend blessing this product is. Long, curled lashes is a quick and easy way to make your eyes look awake. When there's no time for a meticulously applied winged eyeliner, mascara always saves the day! 


But, let's face it, no number of coats can bring that glam you need on special occasions. 

Enter: Falsies! 

Fake eyelashes can elevate any look in a jiffy. However, getting the size of the lashes right, and applying lash glue, etc. can get a bit intimidating for some people. We totally get it. 

After being through such falsies troubles herself, Youtuber Laura Lee decided to make this tedious sounding process super simple. She has made a step-by-step tutorial for beginners, answering all our questions and doubts. 

Here, take a look: