What to Do When Your Skin Acts Like an A-List Diva!

  Yeezy-like acne or skin so sensitive like a John Legend (ary) song...here's help.

1. Sensitive like john legend



When your skin has a sensitive soul like John’s, you need protective, soothing, anti-inflammatory ingredients. “Calming serums and creams that contain ingredients like aloe vera, calendula, arnica, blue agave, and Vitamin E are ideal,” says Sydney-based facialist Melanie Grant, who counts Delta Goodrem and Lara Worthington as clients. “Avoid active ingredients like AHAs or Vitamin A,” she says. They’re too hardcore for your skin. Soz.


Ananda Aloe Gel and Rose Distillate Hydrating Mask, `1,105

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2. Moody like kanye west




Does your skin have a tendency to just blow up—we’re talking big, irrational breakouts—like ol‘ ranty-pants Kanye? Try salicylic acid. “It deeply cleanses your pores and goes to work on blackheads too,” says Grant. Glycolic acid is another winner for blemishes as it is a great exfoliator, while retinol will help your pores look smaller. But a word of warning: add it to your skin routine slowly, every two to three days, as it’s quite strong.


Avène Cleanance Mask, `1,200

Garnier Neem Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash, `105



Dull like orlando bloom



If your skin is behaving like a total snoozefest (sorry Orly), you need to give it a bit of boost with some brightening ingredients. “Look out for Vitamin C, licorice root extract, and niacinamide,” says Grant. Exfoliating regularly will also help as dead cells on the surface of the skin can leave you with grey, lacklustre complexion. “And don’t forget to eat well, as bright, healthy skin comes from diet and lifestyle,” says Grant. 


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Greasy like John Mayer



His Lothario ways may have inspired some of our favourite songs, but we’re guessing you’d rather not have skin that gives His Royal Greasiness a run for his money. So stock up on clay. “Kaolin clay masks absorb and mop up excess sebum,” says Grant. Just don’t be tempted to skip the moisturiser as oily skin still needs hydration. “Go for water-based gels or lotions that feature dimethicone or hyaluronic acid,” says Grant.


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