4 Genius Hacks to Fake and Get Slim Arms in Minutes!

Cheat your way to a hot summer bod.




You know how you're loving your makeup and your body and your outfit and you just want to get a good picture? But your arms come out looking HUGEE? How did that happen?! Sadly, we've all been there.

So here are 4 tricks to fake thinner arms fast (and taking a gazillion amazing pictures, of course!)

1. Swap the sleeves.

Image result for butterfly sleeves cold shoulder

Capped sleeves or fitted sleeves can actually make your arms look bigger than they may be- so stay away from those in your next impromptu photo shoot! Try going for some cold shoulder tops, butterfly sleeves or even three quarters. If you're wearing shorter sleeves, make sure they're slightly bigger on your arms.

2. Pose in this tricking way!

Image result for sonakshi sinha hand on waist

This one is a GREAT trick to make your arms look skinnier in pictures. Stand with your arms bent and your hand resting on your hip. Angle your arm back so that the elbow is pointing behind you. This makes the tricked into seeing a smaller arm.

3. Bring 'arm contouring' to use.

Image result for body contouring

Yes, we're going to tell you how to contour your arms. This might be an absolute pain but it works and it's a go-to trick for celebs for a red carpet appearance. When you want to go sleeveless, just flex your arms and put some contouring powder on your biceps and triceps. But less is more, so start with a lighter shade and only coat it if needed 'cos you don't want your arms to turn a whole different shade altogether.

4. Distract!

If you still want to rock that new strappy blouse, do it with confidence. Use other distractions instead so you don't need to cover up your arms, like pair a light blouse with a funky, printed skirt or pants, so that it becomes the focal point of your outfit. You can also put on skinny bangles to make your arms look thinner, but stay away from fitted bracelets and watches.