Be a Beauty Boss: Make-Up Artist Edition

Part three of a three part series to have a power-career in the beauty world.

Always wanted to turn that passion for beauty into a real-time career? We got 12 of the biggest in the biz to show you how to break into it. You're welcome!



The Pro: BIANCA HARTKOPF, Bianca Hartkopf Hair and Make-up

Walk before you run

"Experimenting with make-up is great—it just helps to realise that there's more to it than knowing your products," says Bianca. Spend time learning and assisting someone, understand the different tones and textures people's faces can have, and then move on to figuring out the right make-up for them.

Devour every beauty trend

"It doesn't matter if anyone will ever want blue lips or their armpits dyed in the colours of the rainbow—it helps to stay abreast of what's going on. Whether or not you like something that's currently hot in the beauty world, the know-how to do it should be in your arsenal at any given time.

Study celebrity beauty looks

"Even before you formally train, start by watching celebrities closely. You'll see a whole host of skin textures and faces being worked with, and at the same time observe the work of various make-up artists. Taking notes on what you think worked on say, Deepika Padukone or Kareena Kapoor Khan, will help the next time you're doing make-up for someone with similar skin. Also, people will ask for you to replicate these celebrity looks often, so this preps you for that.

Don't go solo

"You may be your own boss—but you will always work with a team of people. Pushing your vision on somebody when what they want is different is a bad call—try and find something that works for everyone.

Even More Advice...

Namrata Soni

"Always turn up early for a gig. And be dilligent and keep your tools ready—when you're on location, you should be able to work like clockwork."

Elton Fernandez"Don't be fazed if you don't have a background, or work experience. What matters much more is the ability to think on your feet—and talent for working with what you have."

Chandni Singh"Simplest thing to live by—enhance the features, conceal the flaws. And make sure you confer with your client on what those flaws and features are!"