Easy AF Ways to Make the Most of Your Expensive Hair Spa Treatment

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We're all ears for a useful advise when it comes to haircare. In the midst of our daily struggles with pollution, heat and changes in the weather, it's just unnatural, not to have bad hair days. Damaged, thin hair (which is the most common hair problem) make us crawl back to the most popular hair treatment of all, a HAIR SPA!

But, our disappointment level hits peak when even the most expensive of treatments, don't give us the desired results.

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Did I go for the wrong treatment? Am I intolerant to the ingredients? Did the salon lady f*ck it up? Could have I gone for a costlier spa? Questions are endless, we know and we've all been there, so, you're clearly not alone.

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We've comprised you a list of do's and don'ts to help you make your hair spa last longer:

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If you're going for deep conditioning , make sure to get your roots nourished, doing so revitalizes the scalp, stimulates blood circulation, helps normalize oil secretions AND promotes natural hair growth. It's surprising how the basics of the process holds so many benefits, up its sleeve.

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A lot of people make the mistake colouring their hair immediately after a spa treatment. Hair colouring involves usage of an excess amount of chemicals and getting this treatment right after a spa negates the positive effects of the expensive spa, you broke your bank for.

In order to stretch the lasting of the treatment, one must not oil their hair for at least a week after a spa. This enables the pores of the scalp and roots of the hair to absorb as much benefit from the products applied during the process.

Here are some best-suited hair spa treatments for different hair types:

. For dry hair: Smoothing Ritual by Kérastase

. For colored hair: Color protection and Hydration Ritual

. For all hair types - VIP Chronologist Ritual.

  • Best hair spa for Indian hair in every season: Elixir Ultime Liquid Gold Scented Oil Ritual is a great Spa treatment for the Indian Hair type as it nourishes and smoothens the hair in any season, throughout the year.Image result for rapunzel

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