Everyone's Clowning Around With Contouring

Everyone's Clowning Around With Contouring




Next level makeup skills.

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yw7mysen4T0&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]

Just when you thought contouring had been overtaken by strobing and baking, it steals all of the attention back with a new technique known as "clowning".

YouTuber BellaDeLune came up with the concept and it looks like it would take some serious patience and a solid makeup palette.

It's the crazy new way to "extreme colour-correct, highlight and contour" for a super flawless face, and it actually works - even with the addition of a cute poo emoji on her forehead.

In her video tutorial, she reveals exactly how to brush and blend all of the correctors, dark contours and brighteners on in a 'Colour By Numbers' fashion. If only we'd been pros at staying inside the lines in preschool.

Unfortunately the technique has had it's fair share of haters (f*$k them), but we reckon she's one incredibly talented artist.

We're still not game enough to try this at home before date night, but we might give it a whirl for Halloween. The before look, that is.

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