Scientists Have Revealed the Real Reason Why Your Selfies Look Nothing Like You Do IRL

You gotta read this before posting your next #selfie!

Selfies took over our phone's gallery and our lives faster than the characters in Game of Thrones got killed (hey Ned, we're looking at you). Basically, it became a way of life in no time—party selfie, changing room selfie, and oh, those coveted bathroom selfies! However, not all selfies turn out as fancy as we look according to the mirror. And we know it's not just us who feels that way. So, if the person you see in the mirror looks quite different from the person in your selfies, this research might interest you. After all an extensive selfie session that consumes a lot of space on your phone but those pictures look hardly like you, the situation can be very disappointing.

Well, there's a *real research* (yeah, beat that!) which reveals why a selfie can make your facial features look a bit distorted.

As per a research letter in the JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery journal, the position of your arm is what makes all the difference while taking a selfie. The study states that selfies taken from 12 inches away make your nose look 30% wider than it really is. And to take an ideal selfie that would not distort the way your nose looks, your arm needs to be five-feet long.

 Dr. Boris Paskhover, a facial plastic surgeon and his colleagues at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and at Stanford University in California devised a mathematical model to understand the science of selfies and the reason for distortion in it. They studied various camera angles and distances and learnt that five feet was a "standard portrait distance". 

BRB, we're looking for ways to grow our arms five-feet long.