This Youtuber Cracked the Secret Code of Beauty Oils

From shiny hair to glowing skin, the answer is lying in your beauty cabinet. 

My tryst with beauty began almost a decade ago. From new skincare launches to age-old mask recipes, I tried almost everything. However, the one thing I was always scared to experiment with were beauty oils. There are way too many choices with different uses and benefits. But, my oily skin woes never allowed me to get past the fear of using more oils on my already shiny face and scalp (thank you, overactive oil glands!). Here's what I thought applying oil on my face and body would result in:

  • sticky/shiny face
  • clogged pores, resulting in acne
  • make-up looking like a mess, thanks to the oily base

However, a little research busted all these myths. Beauty oils are not just meant for people who have dry skin. The benefits of including oils in your beauty regime are endless, if the right technique is applied. 

Youtuber, Michelle Phan jotted down different techniques to use various oils on skin, face and body. 

Here's watch the video and make the most of these elixirs stored in your kitchen cabinets: