15 Signs You're a Beauty Addict!

... and here are the symptoms!




  • You have more make-up products than clothes. All you need is a new lipstick everyday.

  • You are never late for your salon appointment.
  • You always mix your pens and eyeliners in your bag. Who needs a pen?
  • You have 10 shades of red lipsticks and you are still looking for the right shade!? Need we say more?
  • You have more make-up than food in your fridge!
  • Sephora is like your temple and you can manoeuvre your way around the store, even if you're blind-folded.
  • You panic when you read limited edition for a new make-up launch.

  • You have more than four make-up bags and you always carry one wherever you go.
  • You can guess the fragrance just by sniffing.
  • Who watches TV?? When you have all the new beauty tutorials to watch on YouTube!
  • No one understands your pain, when your fragrance bottle breaks!

  • You are the first one to try all beauty trends! Contouring? Strobing? Vampy lips? You've tried them all.
  • You have 10 make-up brushes of each kind and your mom never understands.
  • Your heart skips a beat when someone tries your new lipstick!

  • ​And the fact that you read all this, definitely makes you an addict! Guilty?