I Tried a Different Hairstyle Every day of the Week...

...and Here's What Happened!




I'm someone who's extremely lazy about trying out different hairstyles, and because I have straight hair, I love to wear it down—tying my hair physically gives me a headache!   While it might seem like it's the best play-ground for experimentation, on the contrary there's actually very little I can do! I've been lucky enough to have been born with extremely straight hair that goes back to being straight even after having rollers in hair or it having been braided all night long. Ergo, I save myself time and effort and never even really try.

My team figured this out fast and stuck me with this week-long challenge for this exact reason.

Day 1. My first style was to do up my hair in simple, thin braids that I tied across the ends of both sides. It actually did give me a slightly different look, and I especially loved how it looked from the back.

Day 2. After ages, I was brave enough to try curling my hair (who knows, maybe my hair had changed its mind and decided to retain a different texture!). It looked amazing….for 45 minutes. And then, back to square one we were again.

Day 3. This updo actually came out of my random urge to sweep my hair up so swiftly I couldn't feel it anymore, and I added this giant bow-clip thing to make it look prettier from the back. I was, surprisingly, quite happy with the results of this little experiment.

Day 4. I was having a good hair day and didn't want to try any major tying and braiding, so I tried this quick side-twist style with cute, doll-clips to keep them from moving. It was a sweet, simple experiment that made my face look more chiseled, and yet let me wear my hair down the way I like it.

Day 5. I went slightly retro with this one. I pulled half of my hair out of its ponytail to create a fun updo, and wrapped neon lace around my head as a headband to give it a quirky twist.  

Day 6. I tried something today that was too much effort for me, but thanks to the challenge I made that effort anyway. I put together a side-braid, waterfall style and merged it with a full braid at the back. Felt very back-to-school. No repeats with this one.

Day 7. End of the week I was quite uninspired and was having a really bad hair day. I simply wrapped a scarf around my head and put my cat-eye glasses. #BohoChic