Kim K Uses This Product And It's Available in India

the best part: there are 10 different ways you can use this product!




Lusting over products Kim K uses? What if we told that the one product Kim K uses all over her body is actually very cheap and is available in India. Kim revealed that she's a fan of Bio Oil on her website.

"I love Bio Oil! It's cheap and I put it all over my body." says Kim

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Bio Oil helps to get rid of scars, stretch marks and evens out skin tone. But, you can do so much more with this oil. From hair serum to skin saver, you can use this oil in 10 different ways.


1. Body Moisturiser: Just like Kim,  you can use this oil as a body moisturiser. 

2. Face Moisturiser: The perfect game changer for your face, this oil will hydrate your skin and make your skin smoother.  

3. Nail Treatment: Works as a cuticle oil, the Vitamin A in this oil helps to treat peeling cuticles. 

4. Illuminator: Mix this oil with your foundation to make your own strobe-r

5. Massage Oil: This multi-purpose oil can be used for massages as well. The soothing oil helps to unravel the tension in your body. 

6. Frizz Fighter: Use it as a hair serum, work few drops by finger combing your hair. Works great for taming flyaways. 

7. Pre-Shave Treatment : Prepping your skin with oil will offer smooth shave, minus the nicks. 

8. Sunburn Relief: This oil helps to get rid of inflammation and soothes the skin. 

9. DIY Oil: Make a scrub out of this oil. All you need to do is add some sugar or sea salt for an organic body scrub. 

10. Skin Saver: Perfect treatment for acne scars, stretch marks and works great for blotchy skin and uneven skintone.

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