Move Over Collagen Creams, There's a New Anti-Ageing Agent in Town!

And the best part: you love it already!




​We all love our morning cuppa for adding that much-required zing in our step (else we'd all end up looking like clones of Grumpy Cat!). And now, it's time to totes fall in love with coffee 'coz wait for it... It can prevent ageing! No, we aren't kidding guys. It's true that for the longest time we've believed that anything dehydrated our body also made our skin dull (alcohol yay, but coffee nay!). According to a new study in the International Journal of Dermatology, a healthy dose of coffee a day may prevent dark spots and slow down ageing.

The study concluded that women who drank an average of three cups of coffee a day had considerably fewer age spots than those who barely drank any. The results are quite astonishing since all the participants in the study wore sunscreen daily and the humble coffee accounted for almost 50 percent of the polyphenols in their diet, which regulates dark-spot formation in the skin.

Are you up for a quick Starbucks run, sistah?