Here's How You Can Prevent Eyeshadow Fallout

...so you don't look like a disco ball!




​Party season involves a lot of picture taking, bold makeup and lots of glitter! So, if you are a fan of shimmering eyeshadows, you need to know these hacks to avoid glitter fall out:

#1 Do your eye makeup first, this will help you to wipe the fall out and not messing up your makeup later.

#2 Make sure you dust the shadow brush before applying, to get rid of excess powder.

#3 Use a glitter adhesive as a base to keep the shadow in place.

#4 The right way of applying your eyeshadow can make all the difference, make sure you pat the shadow and not sweep it. This trick will help to diffuse the shadow better and keep it in place.

#5 And if you still find glitter on your cheeks, use transparent sticky tape to remove the specks.