Nutritionist and Paleo Chef Jia Singh Shares Her Perfect Day of Eating

Ladies, get ready to take notes.

​The belief that wellness isn't just about having a bangin' bod is what inspired nutritionist and Paleo chef, Jia Singh, to start her blog—Wandering For Wellness. "I've learnt that it's more about feeling healthy, waking up fresh, and accepting your body for what it really is—despite your love handles, cellulite and fine lines and who you really are." Her blog talks about various aspects of wellness—emotional, physical, and spiritual—and aims at finding holistic solutions to achieving a healthy balance. That's why when we recently caught up with her, we asked Jia to share what her perfect day in meals look like!

Breakfast: "It's my favourite meal of the day. My fave 'first meal' options include eggs and avocado. You can choose to an egg white omelette with trimmings like mushrooms, sautéed spinach, and a half avocado. The eggs and avocado have healthy fat and protein that are cardio protective, great for your skin, hair and nails. Also, the added fat will boost satiety and keep you full until lunch time. I often skip the bread basket but if you are particularly indulgent you can have flax meal bread or a slice of gluten free bread."

Coffee? "Coffee is my favourite vice and while up to two cups a day are good for you, it's important to not go over the recommended allowance so it doesn't interfere with your sleep. I try and have both the cups before 2pm and without sugar or sweetened syrups. Post 2pm, I like to have a cup of decaffeinated coffee (all black) or sometimes with a splash of almond milk."

First Snack: "Snacking in between is important but snacking healthy is the keyword! I love air-popped fox nuts (makhanas), almonds, apple slices with unsweetened almond butter. And I allow myself a decaf latte or a matcha or a cup of green or oolong tea with the same."

Lunch: "I love nothing better than a big bowl of organic greens—spinach, rocket, kale. You can add a boiled egg, tuna or chicken for the protein. Almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds or hemp seeds are also great for the cardio protective fats. I like to dress mine with olive oil, celery salt, and balsamic vinegar. You could also opt for a quinoa salad with lots of vegetables and some protein from lentils."

Evening Snacks: "Depending on how hungry I am, I opt for either hummus with veggie strips (broccoli, cucumber, carrots) or apple or pear slices between almond butter and string cheese.

Dinner: "Carbs aren't bad for you particularly if you are working out. I like to have my grilled fish in the evenings with some sweet potato or pumpkin mash and a side of sauteed greens. You can either pick tuna, river fish or salmon for their Omega 3 and essential fatty acids.  My another dinner fave is a simple meal of grilled chicken breast with vegetables sauteed in garlic and olive oil."

Dessert: "Life is too short to skimp on dessert and you should definitely have dessert at least once a week. I highly recommend a few squares of really dark chocolate or an overnight pudding of chia and berries or chocolate."

And Alcohol? If you absolutely must—drink gin or vodka with no mixers and just water or soda and a splash of lime. Tonic water has a lot of sugar. Your favourite glass of bubbly and wine will derail your diet and because it has a lot of sugar—it should be avoided."

Jia Singh is a Delhi-based food, travel and wellness writer. She actively contributes to different magazines in India and overseas and runs her own blog called Wandering for Wellness. You can follow her on Instagram @jiasingh.