Cosmo Made 3 Real Girls Go On a Beauty Diet...

...and here's what happened!




Could you give up your fave make-up ritual, the one thing you never leave home without? Cosmo gotthree brave girls to do just that—three days on the trot! 

Kaveri Acharya, 23, Student

"I Gave Up Eyeliner"


"My '60s-inspired Jean Seberg eyeliner has been my signature for years, so this wasn't easy. On my first day sans liner, I left home with concealer, mascara, and tinted balm. The reaction: 'You look washed-out!' 'Washed-out' isn't a look, so tomorrow must be different."


"To avoid looking 'washed-out', I have to make my eyes-pop...but without my usual ammo. So I go with gold lids, mascara and blend a copper and plum blush to highlight my cheeks. I feel comfortable without my eyeliner today and get no negative comments either."


"Today is Saturday and I'm wearing plum lips, mascara, and contoured cheeks. People notice the rich colour on my mouth, in a good way. The best part about this diet is that it's forced me to review my make-up options. I missed my liner but it was worth it!"​

Ami Unnikrishnan, Fashion Writer

"I Gave Up Red Lips"


"I love red lipstick. It lifts any outfit, adds colour, and really does complete a look. But today I give eyeliner a go, which takes me 20 minutes. I'm running late and feeling foul. At work I hear 'Where's the red ? Are you okay?' But later, my Editor says my natural lip colour is 'beautiful'."


"Tonight I have to go out for dinner, and I feel naked without my red lippie. Friends comment on my nude lips, and Cosmo's Beauty Diet becomes the dinner subject. They miss my red as it's now a part of my personality, and so do I."


"It's the weekend...do I cheat? Over the last two days, I've thought about when exactly my red lips became such an addiction. Today, no one asks me if I am sick, or sad. The ex boyfriend hated it, so for six years I was lipstick free, just a gloss every now and then. Single again, I can do what I want. More red lips I say."

Vasudha Rai, Beauty Director

"I gave up...Mascara"


"So much do I love mascara that I wear YSL Shocking in the day! The last time I didn't wear it, I was in college. Today I have a neck brace for a yoga injury, and without mascara I look (truly) sickly. I know my beauty stakes are very low when a colleague offers me a Combiflam."


"To offset looking tired, I wear a fuchsia lip with bronzer and blush. The skin brightening powers of my bold mouth take me by surprise. My imperfections look less obvious and at work I get a tonne of compliments, from 'You should do this more often', to 'What have you been up to?'"


"Today I have to attend a press conference and have teamed a robin's-egg blue dress with a deep-pink mouth. Still without mascara, I'm feeling fairly confident in my bold-lip look. I wonder if I'm more addicted to mascara or the meditative action of combing my lashes with product. Either way, bright lips are an addition that will stay!"

Photographs By: Aditya Kapoor (Ami and Vasudha) and M Zhazo (Kaveri)