Innisfree is Leading the #GreatSkin Movement!

They pick the choicest (and most miraculous) ingredients from Jeju Island...which is why we're currently crushing on South Korean beauty brand Innisfree.

​Giving your skin superpowers isn't easy—we've all slept with make-up on, skipped sunscreen or ignored signs of ageing. But can you actually prevent and repair skin damage? Answer: yes, with the right products. 

By going local (in terms of ingredients), South Korea's first natural brand, Innisfree, has discovered high-potency skincare ingredients that put the 'pow' in powerful. So, we travelled to Jeju Island in South Korea, and got the experts there to talk beauty! 

There's all this talk about skin damage. What are the signs that your skin needs a new lease of life? 

Your skin always shows warning signs in advance—fine lines, dryness, dullness, and uneven skin tone. 

Can we actually reverse these signs? 

Turning the clock for healthier, younger skin is not that difficult. Innisfree's just-launched Orchid Range is packed with antioxidants that provide your skin with neutralizing agents to reverse the damage. 

When should we start using anti-ageing products? 

The skin-ageing process starts in our 20s, so start an anti-ageing routine at 25. 

Is sunscreen really that important? 

It's critical! Harmful UV rays can sneak in even from the windows—use sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage. 

Tell us about ingredients from Jeju Island and how Innisfree uses them. 

Jeju Island, also known as the Island of the Gods, is a volcanic island that has the ideal temperature range to grow a variety of things. Our key ingredients, like green tea, seaweed, camellia flower and bija, come from Jeju, and are infused with pure natural energies. At Innisfree, we test formulas to create skincare that's pure and tackles skin concerns naturally and effectively! 

We've heard about the 'four energies of nature' at Jeju Island... 

Jeju Island is home to the four energies of nature—clean air, warm sunlight, pollution-free water, and fertile soil. All our ingredients go into eco-friendly containers and are put through nature-conscious R&D. Jeju is the epitome of the kind of honest and pure beauty that Innisfree seeks to offer its customers. 

The Jeju House (in Jeju Island) is a really cool place to experience the brand. The key ingredients in their products are on display in colourful testubes and droppers, and you can also enjoy activities like making your own organic cosmetics—plus, delicious food made with organic ingredients. 

​The Cult Products 

All Innisfree products are enriched with natural ingredients grown on Jeju Island. And these are their star products that guarantee flawless, youthful-looking skin. 

Orchid Enriched Cream (INR 2,000) nourishes, tightens, brightens skin, and smoothens wrinkles.

The Green Tea Seed Serum (INR 1,950) deeply moisturises skin from within.

The Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, (INR1,100) absorbs sebum and cleanses pores effectively.