COSMO EXCLUSIVE: Bobbi Brown on the Importance of Face Masks

We spoke to the make-up mogul about the fascinating new range of masks (that'll give you flawless skin), the multi-masking trend, and her love affair with skincare!




So what inspired you to add masks to your skincare line-up?

"As a teenager, my mother taught me that the time given to beauty rituals yields big results. And I believe it's quite easy to improve the appearance of your skin with the right knowledge and products. Masks are a great supplement to your skincare routine, giving you extra treatment benefits that target specific skin issues on an as-needed basis. When I was young, my mother and I used to wear face masks in our bath robes, giving ourselves manicures and eating dinner while watching a movie.

Ever since we, at Bobbi Brown, launched skincare, I've wanted to add masks to our line-up. The three formulas—Instant Detox, Skin Nourish, and Radiance Boost—are infused with good-for-your-skin ingredients like white clay, green algae and superfine walnut grains to deeply cleanse, hydrate and renew your skin. Together, they address a variety of concerns for all skin types."

You have a very holistic skincare philosophy…

"I'm a huge fan of eating healthy. Beauty really does come from the inside. Clean, nutrient-rich foods have the power to make you look amazing, which is why I call them 'beauty foods'. If you pair the right skincare and make-up products with already glowing skin, it's a powerful combination. And just like beauty foods, my new masks are enriched with nutrients that will give your current skincare routine extra boost. To complement this launch, I asked one of my favourite nutritionists and health gurus, Tricia Williams, to customise special recipes that help you detox, nourish, and glow from the inside out."

Tell us about the benefits of adding a mask to the skincare regime.

"These beauty-boosting face masks are designed to complement any skincare regime. They can be used together or individually, based on your skin's needs. In general, masks are a great way to target a specific skin issue and boost your current routine. For example, if your skin is very dry, a hydrating mask will help dial up the effects of your daily moisturizer. Along with the skin benefits, masks are totally convenient and a nice way to relax and pamper yourself. It's important to make time out of your day to disconnect and unwind. Plus, it's like having a mini facial in the comfort of your own home."

After using a mask, can you follow with other skincare products?

"All three masks can be added to your current skincare routine—this means women should feel free to follow a mask with their everyday skincare products. Ultimately, it's about looking at your skin on a daily basis and adjusting your routine—and your masking—as needed.

Tell us about the new multi-masking trend that you've started with this range?

"This is a big trend right now, and a great way to address a combination of skin issues. It involves applying more than one mask formula at a time to specific areas of the face—for instance, you might have dry, dull skin on your cheeks and oily skin in your T-zone. Applying Radiance Boost to dry dull skin and Instant Detox to oily skin would be the ideal, targeted treatment. The nice thing about multi-masking is that you can mix and match formulas depending on what your skin needs that day for the perfect, tailored-to-you regimen."

Bobbi's Tips on When and How to Use the Masks:

Single Mask Usage Based on Occasion

Morning Wake Up: Use Skin Nourish to wake up, hydrate and prep skin for the day, and for your make-up application.

Party Prep: Use Radiance Boost to instantly make your skin glow before a big night out.

Post-Party/Holiday Detox: Use Instant Detox to reset skin after a long weekend or the end of the holiday party circuit.

Post-Workout Detox: Use Instant Detox to further draw out impurities after a good workout. 

Two Mask Usage

"You can also use the masks one right after the other, or on consecutive days, depending on the condition of your skin."

Winter Skin Ritual: During the dry winter months, use Radiance Boost to gently slough off dead skin cells, and then follow with Skin Nourish to replenish lost moisture.

Frequent Flier Ritual:  Traveling can stress out your skin. Plus, cabin air is incredibly dehydrating. First, use Instant Detox to purify skin of environmental aggressors, then follow with Skin Nourish to refresh and rehydrate.

Sunday Reset Ritual:  Give your skin the day off—use Instant Detox to extract toxins after a long week, then use Radiance Boost to get skin glowing again.​