14 Cartoon Characters that Gave us Unrealistic Hair Expectations

Looking at you, Pocahontas...




You'll be lying if you say that you haven't looked at Ariel's disgustingly gorgeous red mane and wondered why your hair doesn't look that good when wet. 

Here are some cartoon characters that gave us unrealistic hair expectations with their gravity defying, not getting ruined in the wind hair:

1) Spinelli's gravity defying ponytails that never had a hair out of place.

2) Misty's side ponytail that has been a subject of wild scientific researches as to how it stays up like that.

3) Jasmine's gorgeously thick dark hair.

4) Elsa's ridiculously beautiful braid that launched a hundred YouTube tutorials.

5) Mulan's sleek lob that screams #HairGoals.

6) ​Lola's confusing hair/ears that are confusingly sexy.

7) Thumbelina's gorgeous ponytail that is almost as long as herself.

8) Meg's hairdo that gives Ariana Grande's trademark look a run for its money.

9) Ariel's fiery red hair that never looks drenched even though she was in the water THIS. WHOLE. TIME.

10) Miss Bellum's big, poofy curly hair that were so big they hid her face.

11) Jessica Rabbit's super sexy waves that super sexily swooped over her face covering one of her eyes and were never out of place.

12) Pocahontas' hair that did not get horribly tangled in the wind and did not look as if they were dragged through a bush and attacked by angry cats.

13) Merida's fabulously large, fiery red, curly hair that are just all #HairGoals combined in one.

14) Rapunzel's long, beautiful golden hair that were so strong that they could support human beings up a stone tower.