How to Get Thicker Looking Hair in 30 Seconds

Because everyone needs a boost now and then…




While some people are blessed with a naturally full mane, many of us are keen to know how to get thicker hair. 

Expensive blow-dries and hours spent in rollers might work, but that's not much help when you've got two minutes until you need to leave for work and your locks are looking, well, distinctly lacklustre. 

Luckily, we've got some instant boosting tricks up our sleeve so you can make your hair look thicker in 30 seconds… 

1. Blow-dry upside down: Don't have time to wash your hair? You can still use your hairdryer to boost the volume, even if your locks are not wet. Instead, flip your head upside down, and, with the cold function on the dryer, blast dry locks at the roots. When you stand up again your hair will be full of volume! 

2. Dry shampoo like a pro: A lot of us approach our dry shampoo with caution, spraying a tiny bit along the parting and hoping for the best. If you ask a hairdresser, though, they'll tell you it's fine to be much more liberal with the product. Starting from one side of your hair, create a parting just above the ear and spray in plenty of dry shampoo; then move across your head, one to two inches at a time, repeating the process. Finally, use all your fingertips to rub through your hair, leaving you with big, bouncy locks.  

3. Flip your parting: Hair that always falls the same way becomes trained to lie flat in that position. By either switching your parting to the other side, or creating a zigzag parting, you will instantly get more volume at the roots. Use a tail comb if you prefer to keep things neat, or your fingers for a more casual finish. 

4. Boost volume with fibres: You've probably heard of mascaras containing fibres that stick to your eyelashes to make them look fuller; well now you can have the same thing for your hair.  The microscopic fibres come with an easy-to-use applicator, and stick to your existing hairs to add volume instantly and hide any signs of grey. 

5. Backcomb it bigger: Backcombing is a well-known method of volumising the hair – but do you know how do to it? Firstly, you need a backcomb brush (look out for boar bristles and a thin handle). Section the hair one inch from your parting, and holding the hair taut away from your head, brush down firmly on small sections above the roots. Repeat on the other side, before returning your parting to the usual place and smoothing down your hair over the backcombed roots (spraying some hairspray on your brush before you do this will help fix it in place!)