Is There A Cure for Split Ends?

Even the best blow-dry in the world can't disguise split ends, but for those who don't want to trim the length, is there a solution?




On average, your hair grows around six inches every year, which means the hair below your shoulders can be up to four years old. Imagine the amount of wear and tear it has had to combat over that time. Split ends occur when hair is dry and damaged beyond repair. While straightening and blow-drying are obvious causes of split ends due to the heat damage, vigorous brushing can also cause the strands to break and divide.

"The only way to permanently get rid of and prevent split ends is to have your hair regularly trimmed," says the hair stylist Adam Reed. "Products will smooth the ends, but the results only last until you wash your hair."

If having a trim simply isn't an option though, not all is lost. Here is a treatment and a product that will offer temporary relief…

Pay someone else…

Using a keratin-rich formula, which is often used in Brazilian blow-dries, this treatment coats each individual strand of hair to smooth and prevent further damage. The process takes around an hour and your hair is left looking and feeling strong and glossy. 

Do it yourself…

Split End Therapy works in the same way as in-salon keratin treatments, but the results last for around 10 days, depending on how often you wash your hair. The formula is heat-activated, so you need to apply to clean, dry hair and then blow-dry it in. While it sounds counter-productive, if you follow with hair straighteners the results are even more impressive.