Foot Contouring is Now a Thing And The World Has Gone Mad

They're calling it 'fancy footwork'.




We were convinced that the contouring craze would end after bum contouringbecame a thing. Nope.  Crazy contouring trends live on. Just to sum things up for you real quick —​ people are contouring their abs, legs, necks, ears, bum, and now their feet. 

Live Glam ('for artists, by artists') showcased the newest #FootContour craze in the viral Insta video below to prove it: ​

Yes, while it's strangely fascinating to watch the make-up artist use a darker shade to fake a new bone structure on each toe to give the illusion of a slimmer foot, realistically speaking, this is a little much.  

This viral video has more than 11,000 comments and most of them are negative. Foot contouring is another seriously? beauty trend that people are puzzled by, and we don't blame them. Do you see much of a difference in the before and after photos? 

If anything, her feet just look more tanned. This is just another body part to add to the list of contouring that is probably best left alone. Go ahead and take a wild guess of what's about to be contoured next. Your belly button? At some point very soon, no body parts will be left un-contoured​.