A Quick Trick to Keep Your Eyelashes Curled All Day Long

ll you need is three simple things...




Isn't it annoying when your make-up starts to fade half-way through the day? So you either have to top it up, or just face the fact it doesn't look as great as when you left the house. Well now one beauty blogger has come up with an ingenious, and pretty cost-effective way to keep your lashes looking lovely and curled for the entire day! To volumise her lashes without spending serious bucks, beauty blogger Casee Brimblecombe uses a hairdryer and a bog-standard metal eyelash curler to create some magic. 

By blowing hot air on to the little metal device, Casee heats them, turning them into a pretty effective DIY heated eyelash curler (remember to let them cool down first and test on the back of your hand to ensure they don't burn you!) 

​She then applies a quick sweep of mascara over the top, et voilà, Bambi-esque lashes that'll apparently last all day long. 

​While those little metal contraptions that give your lashes an instant lift are pretty amazing, they do need practice. Many beauty experts swear by heated lash curlers, but if you're just starting out, it's best to stick with the non-heated variety, until you feel confident enough to move on. But once you try them, we're sure they'll be in your make-up bag for good! 

See the full video below:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=_l2Wfr_MTIY[/youtube]