This One Simple Step is the Key to Softer Hair

It's easy and will make a huge difference to the condition of your hair.


Treat Your Hair Like You Do Your Skin


When it comes to our hair, we all want locks that are sleek, shiny and most of all, soft. But what's the key to achieving that swish-worthy, silky hair?


Well, the answer to envy-inducing soft hair all comes down to your conditioning routine. Conditioner treats the texture of your hair and prevents your hair from getting brittle or weak. However, it seems that a lot of us aren't getting the most out of our products.


While showering, many of us slap a load of conditioner on to our hair and quickly wash it out – but doing this doesn't allow it to perform properly.


This is because your hair is saturated with water and so there isn't any room for your locks to absorb anything else. As a result, excess water in your hair will prevent the conditioner from penetrating the hair shaft, which is necessary for hair that's healthy and shiny.

Instead, you should always towel dry your hair after shampooing and before applying conditioner, as this will allow your products to work harder on the hair shaft.

If you're running short on time or forgot to bring a towel into the bathroom (it happens to the best of us…), simply blot and squeeze as much excess water from your hair as possible before conditioning.