Here's What it Feels Like to Get Lip Tint Tattoos

Ultimate #lipgoals, tick.

​Why Lip Tint Tattoos?

They make your lips appear fuller and more pigmented.

How it works

First up, numbing cream is applied onto the area. Then, the aesthetician will draw on your lips with removable liner until you're 110 percent happy. (Practice smiling and look at your lips from all angles.) The aesthetician will suggest ink colours, and once you're totally satisfied, the process begins. They use a fine, non- traditional tattoo gun and work it across your lips in small sections. Dr Kiran Lohia of Lumiere Dermatology warns against the procedure. "It can appear fake and it's very hard to remove as well. I always suggest people get lip lightening instead."

What to Expect

It's actually not too painful—it just feels like someone's poking your lips with a toothpick. After, your lips will look (and feel) huge, but they'll soon settle. Have it done at least one or two months before big events, as there can be swelling, flaking, and redness. Also, allow time for the pigment to soften, as initially it can look very bold. You'll need a refresher within a few months to help it last (can be up to 10 years), but it's otherwise low-maintenance.


Lip Tint Tattoo from Rs.3,300 to Rs.19,900, and Lip Lighetning from Rs.3,000 to Rs.8,000 for two to four sessions, both at Lumiere Dermatology. (lumieredermatology.com)