Here is EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Getting Lash Extensions

You'll wake up feeling 'done' every day!




How it Works

Individual lashes are applied to your real ones, using an adhesive you can't see. It's a delicate process, and you should only have it done at trusted salons. A full set can take one to two hours—you just need to lie back and let the magic happen.

What to Expect

The therapists will place eye patches over your bottom lashes to prevent them from getting in the way. Then, they'll get busy gluing on the lashes— "About 80-100 lashes go on each lash line," says Sapna Bedi, Owner and Operator, Novalash India. When you open your eyes, they'll check none are stuck in 'weird' ways, and you're done. Important: you'll have to be careful not to get them wet in the first 24 hours, and steer clear of oil-based beauty products or make-up removers—they break down the glue, and your lashes won't last as long as they should (about four to six weeks).


From Rs.5,600 at Novalash (novalash.com