Here's Everything You Need to Know About Tattoo Removal

Yes, it's painful.




We bet you don't want your ex's name etched on your arm forever! Read on...

How it works 

The clinician applies ultra-short pulses of energy to shatter the ink in your unwanted tattoo into tiny particles, which are absorbed and eliminated by the body.

What to Expect 

You'll wear protective glasses and receive a talk-through of the procedure. Really cold air is blown onto the area to numb it, then the laser treatment starts. It's painful—like the original tattoo would have been. You might be shocked to see that the tattoo disappears, straight away, but alas, it's an illusion—the ink is still there. For a small tattoo, each session only takes a few minutes. There will be some protective dressing placed over the area, and they'll talk you through after-care to prevent infections. You might notice it blisters (which is normal) in the few days after treatment. It's also best to keep in mind you may need up to 10 sessions, even for a small tattoo. But Lumiere Dermatology does offer the advanced R20 protocol that gets rid of tattoos in just one or two sessions.


From Rs. 4,000 for small tattoos, and Rs.20,000 onwards for larger ones at Lumiere Dermatology.