How to Make Your Perfume Last Longer in The Summer

And keep yourself smelling fresh




Do you ever find yourself questioning just why your fragrance doesn't seem to last long enough on your body? Especially in the Summer, when the moment you step outside your make-up seems to sweat off and your perfume completely loses its scent.But there are simple ways to ensure your fragrance stays on, even when you're perspiring. We spoke to two fragrance experts to share their wealth of knowledge on how to make your perfume last longer on your skin.

1. Spray it Onto Certain Points of Your Body

Apparently the best points to put your scent are areas that are naturally warm according to Celine Roux, Vice President of Global Fragrance Development for Jo Malone London.'For example, the pulse points at the neck and wrist are great places to apply your perfume,' she told us. 'Alternatively, for a playful twist in the Summer on a hot day, I recommend spraying fragrance behind your knees.'

2. Use a Scented Body Lotion, Too

'I find layering with a matching scented body lotion is a good way to keep the smell of your fragrance,' says Tom Daxon, founder of Tom Daxon fragrances. 'The oils in the lotion are better at "trapping" the fragrance than alcohol.'

3. Don't Spray it Onto Your Body 

You don't have to spray your fragrance onto your skin for a long-lasting smell, you can spray it onto your hair and clothes, too. 'If I'm wearing a scarf, I love spraying it with my signature scent,' Celine tells us. But be careful when spraying your clothes as perfume may stain or discolour them.

4. Opt For a Stronger Perfume'

Musks are traditionally the most resilient notes,' Tom says.  'And obviously if it's a strong perfume, chances are you will still be able to smell it even after sweating most of it off.'

5. Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Hydrated skin is the best foundation for a longer lasting scent according to Celine, who also likes to use moisturisers and shower gels with the same smell. 'I always experiment with textures and fragrances from our Cologne, Bath and Body ranges,' Celine tells us.  'This is the best way to keep the intensity of fragrance and make it last longer.'