6 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Oily Skin

For when you're going sans blotting papers and powder puffs.




The rest of your skin could be as dry as the Sahara Desert, but sure enough, as the temperatures begin to soar and excess oil begins to rear its ugly head, your T-zone will be popping off. And as nice as it would be to have your entire makeup bag at your disposal, the reality is that sometimes there's not a blotting paper or powder puff in sight. That being the case, here are a few things you can do to sop up the grease and banish shine in a pinch.

1. Ice 

Overactive sebaceous glands? Hold ice (on its own or wrapped in tissue or muslin) over concentrated areas of your T-zone for 30 seconds at a time. This skrinks pores, which not only makes the skin look smoother and clearer, but also reduces oiliness and helps keep dirt out.

2. Cover up

It might sound strange, but the free toilet seat covers you find in public stalls are great blotters in a pinch. The paper has the perfect consistency for soaking up and banishing unwanted oil.

3. Cucumber

Cucumbers make for great natural toners, so if you're grabbing lunch at the salad bar, nab a few extra slices. Rub them on your face so that the juice cools you down. Leave it on for as long as you want. It's even fine to put on top of your foundation, too.

4. Salt

Don't make a daily habit of it (it can dry out your skin), but you can buff the skin and soak up oil by creating a smooth paste of salt and water and applying it to the T-zone. Leave it on for just a few minutes, wash it off with warm water, and voilà. Grease-free!

5. Napkins

Another excuse to fund your pricey caffeine addiction: Like blotting papers, coffee shop recycled brown napkins (like the ones you get in Starbucks) work well to absorb slicked complexions. So started hoarding them in your handbag!

6. Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is a natural astringent and thus absorbs dirt and oil. Like the salt paste, don't make a daily habit out of this, but pouring a small amount on a cotton ball and swiping it over your shiny spots can work as an occasional on-the-fly toner.