This Is The Number One Way To Make Your Hair Colour Last Longer

If you dye your hair, you need to read this…




​There's nothing quite like freshly-applied colour on your hair, and there's nothing as annoying as realising that several weeks later, the gorgeous hue has completely faded. 

You might think that changing the type of dye you use, or perhaps investing in plenty of colour protection products is the key to long-lasting colour but, while these can help, they're not the most important factor.

​So what is it? 'Condition, condition, condition' says Wella's colour expert Josh Wood. 'The number one thing that will affect colour longevity is the condition of your hair.' To achieve this, you must firstly avoid over-using heat styling products. 'Many people think that washing their hair regularly is what worsens the condition, but actually it's the hairdryers and straighteners you use afterwards that are the main problem' says Josh.

Top hairdresser Eugene Souleiman agrees: 'Try not to use your hairdryer on the highest setting unless you have really thick hair which requires it', he advises. 'If you have fine, thin or chemically-processed hair, there is absolutely no need to have your hairdryer on the hottest setting.'

​Another habit both experts recommend is applying a hair mask once a week. The best time to do this is after washing your hair; first comb through the damp locks with a detangling brush, before applying the hair mask from the mid-lengths to ends. Sleep with a towel over your pillow to avoid getting the pillowcase covered in product and the following morning, rinse the mask off your hair with cold water, which seals the cuticle. Keep this up on a weekly basis and voila – colour that lasts so much longer!