Apps That'll Give You Great Skin..Yes, Seriously!

Check out Cosmo's selection of the best beauty apps in the business




Beautiful Me

Like time travel for your skin, this app analyses your photos from Facebook and shows how your skin has changed with age and time. After that, it gives you an accurate description of your skin profile and suggests products you can use. Get it here for iOs and here for Android.


Not just another cleanse-your-aura app, Calm offers guided meditation sessions, calming images, and music that boost focus, creativity, confidence and much more. You can even pick the duration. Whatever makes you beautiful on the inside... Find more here.

Good Guide

Don't know if the product you just splurged on is worth it? Just download Good Guide. It scans the barcode of your product and throws up a rating. Plus, it offers alternative products by the same brand and other brands as well that are similar. Get it here.


Repeat after this: UV rays are bad for skin! This app gives you a daily and five-day UV forecast. Plus, depending on details like skin type, the SPF you're wearing, and your location, it predicts how much longer you can be out before you get burnt! Download here.

Try it Before You Buy it

These handy apps will make sure you never buy products without testing them first. Get these stat!

The Colour Genius

This L'Oréal Paris app lets you match your make-up to your outfit and offers product recommendations once you've finished. Get it here.


Don't know how a nail colour would look on you? Download the OPI app and virtually try on shades from the brand's huge colour palette. Get it here.

LAKMÉ Makeup Pro

Upload a photo of yourself and try on eyeshadows, lipsticks, and all the fun stuff from Lakmé to see how they'd look. You can also try the Pro Stylist looks created by the experts at Lakmé. Pretty realistic. Get it here for Android and here for iOs.