10 Interesting Beauty Hacks You Probably Didn't Know Before

Yes, you can fix a broken nail now!

1. Fix a broken nail with a tea-bag!

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2. Applying concealer around your lips to bring out and correct your lip color application.

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3. Get natural highlights through this DIY Method.

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4. Fix split ends with this easy technique.

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5. Use a thick sheet of paper to apply layers of Mascara without smudging.

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6. Spray your fragrance over moisturizer or vaseline to make your perfume last long.

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7. Shrink a pimple overnight with this method.

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8. Achieve the polka dot nail art with precision by cutting a band-aid and placing it over the nails.

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9. Get the ombre nail effect with an eye shadow shadow sponge brush.

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10. Fake a temporary pucker with this DIY Method.

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