5 Bollywood Celebs and the Beauty Tips They Swear By

Read on get that celeb-like glow!

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    Deepika Padukone

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    Priyanka Chopra

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    Anushka Sharma

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    Alia Bhatt

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    Katrina Kaif


  • Deepika never misses out on skincare basics. Her daily skincare regime includes applying moisturiser with SPF before she steps out and making sure that every bit of make up is removed before going to bed. Also balanced diets, regular workouts and beauty sleeps are always on her to do list.  

  • The Quantico star believes in home made skin care masks. Her usual regime includes exfoliating and moisturising masks to eliminate dirt and excess oil from her skin. 

  • Anushka is very particular about keeping her skin healthy. She drinks a lot of water to keep her skin hydrated. Eating healthy is her key to glowing skin. A sunscreen lotion, a moisturiser and a cleanser are always in her bag. Also, she never skips taking her make-up off completely before hitting the sack.  

  • Alia makes sure that she is hydrated throughout the day. It not only gives you glowing skin but also increases your blood circulation. Her preference in face cleansers include Neem and Tulsi as main ingredients.

  • That one skin care product Katrina swears by is her sunblock. The actress loves to go all natural and avoid make-up as much as she can. She once told Cosmo that she always carries a sunscreen, a pot of lip balm, concealer, a small hair spray, and a blush in her beauty bag. The actress follows a clean and healthy diet to maintain a clear skin.