Seven Life Lessons You Can Learn From Katrina Kaif

Like how to be a superstar at errrrything!




Katrina Kaif is known for her stunning good looks , her charm , wit and beauty and being one of Bollywood's top heroines. Watching Kat manage her life in the public eye , one cannot help but admire her super cool way of handling her life and making the most of it . Here are a few pages we can take out of Kat's book for how to get through life , on top.

1. Take an opportunity to make a career change and go for it : Known as one of India's top models , Katrina changed career paths with her debut in Boom in 2003. Even though the movie was a flop, she quietly kept at her new chosen path and worked hard to make her career a success.

2.If people put you down , quietly prove them wrong : Katrina faced much criticism for her wooden acting and dance skills . She worked hard on both and became a hit , showing the world they were wrong with her actions , not words.

3. Keep your private life , private : Katrina never talks publicly about her personal life , no matter how much the media speculates , keeping a dignified silence on her love life as well.

4. Be ready for love , no regrets : Her past relationships with Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan show us that this lady is ready to open up her heart and love , no matter what the outcome.

5. Get over heartbreak by shining even brighter : After her recent breakup with Ranbir Kapoor , Katrina looks better then ever and is happy , positive and working towards even more success then ever.

6. Motivation is the key to achieving your goals : Kat has got probably the best body in the business right now , and she got it by working super hard and staying motivated and dedicated to her workout.

and finally...

7. Don't take life to seriously : Katrina believes in going with the flow and embracing life as it comes , not getting overly attached to her self image , fame and stardom and even stopping to laugh at her mistakes once in while .