10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Priyanka Chopra

Like how to become a one women powerhouse that conquers the world




After becoming Miss World at the age of 18, Priyanka Chopra has literally taken the world by storm , becoming a success story unlike one seen in Bollywood before. Be it her dedicated hard work, fierce good looks or sharp instinct to win, taking a page out of Miss Chopra's book of life hacks is a sure fire recipe for success. Here are ten life lessons one can learn from the queen of ...well...everything!

1.Don't limit your self to one aspiration : Actress, producer and singer , Priyanka has done it all and done it well, proving that you can create a successful career in more then one field with the right talent and determination.

2.Dream big : This girl didn't let anyone one tell her what a Bollywood actress is capable of doing, and aimed for the stars and got there. With her lead roles in Quantico and Baywatch , she broke through in Hollywood in a way that no Indian actor has ever done before.

3.Hire the right people : One thing Priyanka has is an excellent team of PR people , casting agents and stylists, all working alongside her on the road to super success.

4.Be Positive : Priyanka has dealt with it all , racist tweets, gossip back home and even her fare share of haters and critics . However , she took it all in her stride and shone even brighter , silencing her critics with her success.

5.Never change who you are : Even with her Hollywood debut , Priyanka stuck to being who she is , and is proud of her Bollywood heritage and roots. Never trying to conform to fit in to a different industry , she set her self apart from the pack by staying who she is .

6.Family is everything : Priyanka is super close to her family , and stays connected to them at all times. Her tattoo says' daddy's little girl' , a tribute to her love for her late father .

7. Hard work has no alternative : Priyanka's journey has taught us that success does not come easy , but with the right amount of dedicated hard work , even the most unrealistic dreams can come true.

8.Take Risks to get ahead : From playing negative roles early in her career ,to bagging a role that broke Indian actor stereotypes in Hollywood (think Quantico) , Priyanka has shown us time and again that taking a risk can pay off, big time .

9.Use the power of social media : With more followers then Madonna , Priyanka uses and manages her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts like a pro to cultivate her international stardom and popularity.

10.Use your wardrobe as a statement of success : "You can have anything in life if you dress for it" , Priyanka sure believes in that famous quote .From her red carpet looks to glamorous public appearances , Priyanka knows how to play into her feminine side and use her appearance and outfits to further her career and success.